Why I like working with Buyers & Sellers (Part 1)

I usually end up working with about 2/3rd’s buyers and 1/3 sellers. I have always felt that the time I spend with buyers makes me a better listing agent. Why? Agents that represent sellers more than buyers usually don’t get in as many houses. Let’s say I am about to list a house in your neighborhood. Odds are I have been in many of your neighbor’s houses over the years and know what is typical for the neighborhood. I’ll know if the floor plan is better or worse, what features are superior or inferior, if your finishes have the same degree of patina that others do, etc. Those things help out a lot with knowing what needs to be done to successfully sell a house. See, my goal is to sell it, not just list it. Many agents think they are done once they push the sign in the grass and hang the lockbox on the door. Their view is that the buyer’s agent has to do the rest.

I do enjoy working with both buyers and sellers, but today’s post is geared toward listing. I think the thing for me is the challenge of it all. I like making all the little decisions that lead toward getting the goal accomplished.

Why I like working with sellers:

1. Selling a house is a lot like fishing. Funny thing is that I never really liked fishing all that much. You are basically putting bait in the water where you think the fish are and trying to get their attention. Same with selling. Many people still think that selling a house is about exposure. You don’t really have to advertise or do open houses any more. Most all buyers and ALL their realtors are online. The internet is your water and what the realtor does to catch a buyer is really the bait. Three P’s are all you need to know: Price, Presentation and Pictures. Get all those right and the buyers will come see the house.

2. I like doing all the research to find the right price. You can have the most amazing house in the world with the best online presentation ever, but if the price isn’t right it still won’t sell. Accurate pricing is the difference between selling and just listing your house. Again, where I go in so many houses with buyers, I know what buyers expect to be the norm for most neighborhoods.

3. I like looking at competing listings and finding ways to let buyers know why they should pick my listings verses another competing one. I recently had a listing where the biggest competing listing had an uphill slope in the backyard. Want to know what I said about mine in the marketing remarks? That it had a flat backyard.

4. I like picking the best pictures. A lot of agents post all the pictures they have…..often in the order they were taken. While I am uploading pictures, I am constantly asking myself things like do I have too many? How can I order the pictures where I maintain a buyers interest? What is a buyer going to think of this one?

Selling is fun in such a different way than working with buyers. Check out my next post to see what I like best about working with them.

~The LEXpert

4 thoughts on “Why I like working with Buyers & Sellers (Part 1)

  1. You da man John. How you considered writing a book? Seriously, I’m just curious.

    Tim Fisher

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  2. Hey John, I still enjoy reading your articles and wish you all the best. I don’t like fishing either but we love eating it. I cooked a batch of salmon last night that turned out really delicious, good thing because that Superbowl was a real dud of a game. I am pretty happy in the new place so far so good. The acoustics are wonderful and there’s a concrete barrier wall so it doesn’t disturb my neighbor. See you next article, Bob

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