Why I like working with Buyers & Sellers (Part 2)

On my last post, I wrote about all the things I liked about working with sellers. Well, today it is about buyers.

Here goes:

1. I like the search. It is exciting for me to help somebody weed through the not-so-great houses and find the best ones. What makes a good house? It is the right combination of practicality, condition, what maintenance costs are in the near future, resale value and the little things buyers often don’t think about. Let’s face it. Anybody can find a house they like. They don’t need a realtor to find a house these days. They need a GOOD realtor to help them make the best decision. Real estate often isn’t about making a good choice verses a bad one. It is about making a great one verses a good one. I view my job as being a consultant who manages the transaction for a buyer and not a sales job.

2. I like going in houses. I like houses and neighborhoods. It is fun for me to look at houses too. Every one I go in makes me a better realtor because I gain more experience and am exposed to more of the market. I never view looking at houses as a waste of time, even when people have a change of plans and don’t buy.

3. I like it when a buyer thanks me for pointing out something they didn’t think about. I get that a lot. It is exciting for a buyer to think they may have found “THE” house. No offense, but most of them just think about the positives they see. They might fall in love with the tile in the shower but not realize until they move in that there really isn’t much room for a table in the kitchen. Or that the road behind the house is busy street and will be noisy. Or that the windows will need reglazing. Or that the floor plan in the vacant house they are in is going to difficult for furniture placement. Or the things that affect resale value such as how the house compares to what is the norm for the area. There are a lot of people out there who think they got a good deal on their house. You never know if you really did until you try to sell it. I want to prevent you from having a house that will be tough to sell down the road. When the market was really bad, I had many sellers tell me the agent they used to buy the house didn’t point out these type of things to them.

4. I like doing the research to find the real value of the house. This takes a lot of time and thought. I look at recent sales in the area and make adjustments for all the differences. Some agents just boil it all down to statistical averages. They’ll say “That one over there just sold for $xxx,xxx and it was the same size so this one must be the same.” If all the finishes, features and age of systems are the same, that is okay……but that almost never is the case. I recently had a buyer who made an offer on a house where there were several other identical houses that had recently sold in the neighborhood. I could have just looked at the surface and been $10k off what this house was really worth. Why? This was one of the older houses in the neighborhood and the recent sales were practically new. The recent sales had less wear and tear and all the things like water heaters and HVAC had much more life left.

I could continue, but I am at 614 words now.

~The LEXpert

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