One of a kind properties

It is always fun to work on the sale of a unique property. Most real estate advice is about playing it safe….you know, beige walls, nothing too bold, or “Too” anything really. Just middle of the road. Safe is predictable and predictable has a broad audience. Conventional wisdom is that broader appeal is better.

So what about a house that is unlike any other? One that somebody has given it’s own bold personality?

They can take a while to sell. I have had several unique listings in the past year. I’ve had a tiny lake house, an old farm house on 5 acres and an old house in downtown Wilmore. All of them were incredible to see. All the sellers had a knack for design and detail and those houses are totally amazing. What tends to happen with these listings is that they get shown left and right, but you end up waiting for just the right buyer to pull the trigger. My parents have somewhat of a unique place. They are often worried about selling it. I tell them what I tell all sellers with one of a kind houses: You will have to wait for the right buyer. The good news is that “Right” buyer will not be deciding between your house and another. They will only want your house.

Marketing a unique property is all about showing off it’s personality. I recently had this at the beginning of the marketing remarks on a listing: “Old. New. Modern. Distressed. Pinterest. IKEA. Style. Functional. Character. Unique. Amazing. These are all words to describe what the seller’s affectionately call their Frankenhouse.”

And what about the buyers? I have had several buyers who have bought unique places. These buyers are not looking for a house that checks everything off their list. It is not a practical decision to them. I rarely get much criteria to go by other than a price range and bedroom count. It is about how the property makes them feel more than anything. They tend to not care as much about the traditional factors such as school district, neighborhood, etc. It is all about their connection to the house. These buyers are a small part of the whole market. That is why I really want to get the best deal I can for them. I also want to make sure they know that it might take longer to dispose of when it is their turn to be the seller. There is nothing wrong with buying such a unique place, I just like all my clients to know the good and bad of everything so they know what to expect.

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