Any Realtor can sell a good house fast

I don’t brag when I sell a good house quickly. In a market where the best listings sell fast regardless of who the listing agent is, it is pointless…….Yes, you can have lousy pictures, generic marketing remarks and a dingbat realtor. If your house has the right location and is updated, it will sell fast these days. No point in trying to claim it as a personal victory any more.

But, what if you don’t have one of those houses? What if you get a contract really quick and your dingbat agent doesn’t know how to keep it glued together after a rough inspection, appraisal issue, or any other problem that often happens in real estate deals?

I don’t know about other agents, but these situations are what I use to test my mettle.

I just closed a deal earlier today that was a challenge. It was a great house. So great it sold the first day on the market for the full asking price. Then it fell apart due to the inspection. But guess what? I had an agent on the back burner with a buyer who wanted it. I had them write a back up offer hoping that it would encourage the primary buyer to accept my seller’s terms. They wrote it for $1000 over the asking price. When the first deal finally did fall apart, we jumped right into the new deal. Then this buyer got skiddish after the home inspection just like the first buyer. Knowing the odds of having a back up buyer for the back up buyer were slim, we had to work with this current buyer. Long story short, after a lot of negotiation and many estimates to fix a problem, we got it worked out. It was extremely volatile. I was really pretty nervous….more so than I am sure I let on to my sellers!

I got lucky though. My sellers took the advice I gave them. Sometimes people do and sometimes they don’t. It usually goes much smoother when they do. I’ve got nearly a decade of experience in walking the tight rope of getting deals to the closing table. I think I used every bit of my experience on this deal. So I will boast not about selling it so fast, but about the fact that my sellers are now moving on to where they want to be and are happy.

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