Will THAT house sell??

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Ready?

Here it is: There is a buyer for every house.

Yeah, really. No joke.

I’ve seen some unusual houses in the past 9.5 years of being a realtor. The more unusual thing is that I’ve seen a lot of them sell. I can’t tell you how many times I am scrolling through the newly sold listings and say to myself “I can’t believe somebody bought that house??”

How is this for unusual:

Half million dollar townhouses in a rural neighborhood with a view of a farm? Townhouses that are not…..in high density areas. Interesting. There are still a lot of them for sale, but many have sold. One for over a million bucks!

A duplex on a busy road that looks like a space ship? I am not making this up. I’ve actually been inside this one.

Worn out old houses that have been renovated with scrap wood and recycled bits? There is a company in town that flips a lot of old houses this way. Their end product is…..interesting. It isn’t my cup of tea, but many of my buyers have really liked them. I’ve always joked privately that these flippers raid construction site dumpsters, smoke a little crack, then devise their design. I guess I just went public with my opinion. Oh well, but the point of this post is that there is a buyer for everything. What one person sees as undesirable is the exact thing that attracts another buyer.

One of my more interesting listings was an old house, that had been made new inside, on a few acres, located on the edge of town. To complicate matters, neither the master bedroom nor master bathroom had doors. So, I needed a buyer who wanted an old house on land, that was like a new home inside and was not in the country, and who didn’t care about privacy. It took a while, but we found such a buyer, who told us at the closing they had been looking for the right house for years.

Sooooo, when I get a unique listing, I try to market what makes it unique rather than hide it…..and remind myself that it too will sell since there is a buyer for every house.

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