Sometimes being a tough negotiater gets you……nothing at all!

We made an offer. A really good offer. Even accommodated the sellers desire to close in 8 weeks instead of the typical 30 days.

The offer was countered. We countered. They counted. We moved on. They came back and said they would accept our last offer just the way it was. Know what happened next? My people were not as interested.

Sellers never realize that when a buyer feels like the deal isn’t going to happen, they go on Zillow or the MLS and start finding another house. That is exactly what my people did. We are now looking at other houses in Lexington and may come back to the original house if we don’t find anything better.

Kind of backfired on the seller, huh? They thought they had us right where they wanted us to be, and are now chasing us…..hoping we come back to them. I guess now they know that even in a much better market, they don’t have the only nice house for sale.

This situation is why I tell MY sellers not be so difficult and drag out the negotiations. Once you get the terms that will work for you, just say yes!! The last thing we want a buyer to do is see if there are any new listings or other houses they may like. Once that happens, the buyer has mentally moved on. It is very hard to get them back.

So, as we go look at more houses tonight, a seller is sitting at home wondering if we will revisit the exact same offer that he had in his hand just a few days ago. The ink would have been dry on the contract if he had just accepted it. Now he has nothing.

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