The house nobody wanted gets multiple offers OVER the asking price

805 days. That is how long this house was on the market prior to selling early in 2013. I showed it to several buyers during that time. Nobody wanted it.

The house came on the market a couple of weeks ago. There were no cosmetic changes made to the house in the 23 months since it sold last. The asking price was in line with what it was before. This time, the house had multiple offers…..more than two offers. More than three offers. And last I heard, the bidding war was waaaaaaaay OVER the asking price.

What gives?

While this post could be about the difference between having furniture in the house and it being vacant, it is not. I don’t think that is what made this house such a hot listing. I think it is the market.

When there are a ton of choices and fewer buyers, the worst houses stay on the market forever. When there are few choices and lots of buyers, even a lousy house can sell fast.

Here is the thing to think about: If this house took 805 days to sell when buyers had more choices, what do you think will happen if there are either fewer buyers out there shopping, more listings on the market, or both? Yeah, another 805 days of being everybody’s last choice.

Until there is an app for experience and caring, I’ll be here to help you make the wisest choice possible.

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