All the real estate talk these days is about the millennials.  Nobody has been made more aware that somebody is coming since Paul Revere.

But you know what?  Like most news, it follows what has already happened.  The millennials have been in the housing market for a few years now.  They are not coming, they are here.  Last year, between clients I represented as buyers and those who bought my listings, I had 26 deals with millennials.

All the training in real estate is how to attract millennials.  Things they like.  Things they don’t like.  How they think.  What to expect from them.  If we made such generalities about any other demographic, it would probably be a crime.

The Guru’s who get paid big money to teach at seminars or write articles say that this demographic prefers to text and will do a lot of research online.  They are very comfortable with technology.  Well, sooooo are most people these days.  That is not news.

Want to know what I have noticed about Millennials?  They are people.  They are people who want to buy or sell a house.  They don’t want to be defined by stereotypes and generalities any more than I did as a first time Generation X buyer.

I’m not saying there are not some changes generation to generation, just saying that they want the same things from a realtor people have always wanted:  They want us to know our business, know neighborhoods, know how to interpret information, how to give good advice and to be available to answer their questions.  They want us to care about what we are doing and their needs.

And I think the biggest difference between the millennials and past generations is that if we don’t deliver that, they will move on without us.   So, my advice to other agents is to spend your time becoming a better agent and less time treating them as a new species.

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