Why I love Facebook

I love Facebook.  I woke up this morning, a little late, and the first thing in my feed is a picture of some friends/clients with their new baby.  The post said “Home for the first time.”  I helped them pick that house.  Buy it right.  Get any repairs it needed done.  Now it is their home and they will always remember this house as being the place they brought their little girl too after leaving the hospital.

One of the best parts of my job is seeing my clients live in their home once we have closed.  I love to see little kids grow up in their homes.  I love it when people post pictures of a room they just painted or decorated.  Or a picture of their kid holding some award or good report card while standing in the kitchen.  Or people watching a UK game on a TV that my client didn’t think would fit over the fireplace.

Then one day, they call me back.  Time to find the next home and leave this one.  That is when all my guidance returns.  When I do my job right, my clients should have a house that held it’s value and should be easy to sell.  It is an investment.  There is a practical side to this process, and it is my job to make sure that I take care of all that so my people can just enjoy living in their home.


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