What Realtors need to hear

So much of my industry is about growing your business.  How to get more leads.  All the places you should go online to try to hook up with buyers or sellers.  How to use Zillow to get more work.  More work is what it is all about.  More more more.

It is never about being a great realtor.  Nobody sees the old school benefit of making your first priority taking care of your clients.

Since I have always wanted to be one of those motivational guru real estate dudes who tells large audiences of realtors what to do, I think I’ll share my story/POV/Logic behind how I do things.

From the beginning, I never wanted to be the agent that sat in the office and licked the back of stamps, sending post cards to everybody I knew.  I wanted to “Do” real estate.  That was the business.  The business was not about promoting my business.  People thought I was crazy.  I probably am a little bit, but that has nothing to do with the model of real estate I was incubating in my brain.

What did I do instead?  I studied the market.  I already knew the neighborhoods having lived here for so long.  Also, when I got a client, I wanted to keep them for the rest of their life.  I wanted them to be so excited about me that they told friends/family members about me.  What I had to do to earn that was put their interests above mine, protect them, fight for them, etc. It is all about trust, wisdom and experience.

Did any of this happen over night?  No.  It took about 4 years in a terrible market,  But it did happen.  Last year about 75% of my work was repeat clients and referrals from past clients and LEXpert fans.  This year so far, I have 24 deals pending/closed.  Only 5 of those came to me without somebody recommending them to me.

So, my advice to new agents that might be reading this:  Wake up every day and do whatever work you need to do to push your deals one day closer to a closing.  Care about your people.  Don’t worry about trying to get the next deal.  I know in this business you wake up everyday unemployed and have to always look out for new work, but focus on what you have in your hand right now.  Advertising and social media are okay to use, but if you are not going to be the best agent you can be, I sure hope you always have a stream of new people…..because you will never get repeat business and referrals.

Be the best agent you can be and watch what happens in a short period of time.  It’s a simple old school model of putting others first and giving them the attention they deserve.  And it works!

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