One of the best sellers I’ve seen

I always say you see people at their best or their worst in a real estate deal.

I closed on a house last week.  The seller had lived there for 28 years.  I saw her at her best.

Most people do a few nice things to make it easy on the buyer… labeling the keys, cleaning the house, mowing the yard right before the closing, letting them know when garbage day is, etc.  This seller did all that and more.  She had a list of everybody who she used to work on the house.  She mowed the grass right before the closing.  She even cleaned out the gutters the night before the closing.

She told me afterwards, she had gone over to the house and had prayed for the house and the new owner.  Now, regardless of what you believe, you have to admit that was a very caring thing to do!

As we left, I told the seller that not all transactions are this smooth.  She had not bought or sold in 28 years.  She was amazed that some deals can get rough.

Working with this exceptional lady sure made up for the time a crazy lady got so mad while talking on a cordless phone to her loan officer, that she threw the phone down on the closing table and I had to dodge it as it flew across the room.

One thought on “One of the best sellers I’ve seen

  1. I’ve  always done that kind of stuff plus have a bag with all the manuals for appliances, garage door opener, location of spare furnace filters, warranties that still apply and label light switches that aren’t  too intuitive

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