Why I think 3-D tours are a bad idea



Yep.  I really said that.  Those Google earth type tours where you click arrows to navigate around the entire house are a bad idea.

I know they are cool.  On trend, just like Pokemon Go was last summer.  Soon, they will be as flat as the last sip of a soft drink.

Why do I think they are a bad idea?  It all boils down to the point of showing a listing online.  The goal is NOT to sell the house.  The goal of marketing a listing is to sell a SHOWING.

Pause and let that sink in.

I think we can all agree that buyers are looking at listings right now on their phone.  What are they doing?  They are deciding if they like the house enough to come see it in person.  You know what happens when they see something they don’t like?  They don’t come see it in person….I guess these 3-D tours are good for a buyer.  Saves them a lot of time when they decide not to come see a house because they saw all of it and didn’t like something.  If you are the seller, does this make you feel good?  Wouldn’t you rather have a buyer come see your house in person before ruling it out based on an unflattering angle they saw on their phone?

The cold, hard truth is that these tours are the latest thing in a long line of products designed to be sold to realtors with the promise that it will help them get listings.  In the 12 years I have been a realtor, I have seen several trends come and go:  The number on the sign you call for a recorded message about the house, the Virtual Tours (which were the same pictures, just zooming in and out with music) and QR codes.  All of those were gimmicky, but did not potentially prevent a buyer from coming to see your house.

And you know what, they aren’t even really 3-D.


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