Will T-Rex & Uni get this house sold?



We all know this house, right?  It’s been shared all over on social media.  It’s made the news.  Heck, I was even scrolling through the news on my phone and it turned up on a website for San Francisco real estate.

It’s been on the market with the current pictures for 16 days and is still available.

Kudos to this creative seller who is also a realtor.  This was clearly a neat idea.  I think it is going to greatly help her career.   I have looked through the pictures and it is a beautiful house in a very popular neighborhood.

I wish her the best and hope she finds a great buyer soon.

When I first saw this house, it made me think about something I have always said, which is that exposure is never a problem in real estate these days.

There is a common misconception among the public that when a house doesn’t sell, you need to increase the marketing.  This was true before the internet.  Back a long time ago, a realtor had to get the house in front of potential buyers.  There was print advertising like newspapers and those free home books with one tiny black and white picture, there were open houses and really anything to draw attention to the fact that a house was for sale.

Today, everybody goes online to see houses.  All a realtor has to do is list a house and it gets fed to a bazillion websites.  The chances of there being a buyer for a particular house and that buyer not knowing their ideal house is for sale are about the same as winning the Powerball.

This house is still waiting on a buyer after practically breaking the internet.  It just goes to show that all the marketing in the world doesn’t make a house sell.  There are 4 factors that get a house sold:  Price, condition, location and presentation.  Get all 4 aligned and any house will sell.  Get one or more out of whack, and it doesn’t.





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