Helping out a seller…even “By Owner”

I am working with a young couple buying their first home.  It is a big step.  They found a house that interested them, but it was “For Sale by Owner.”    They brought me along since they always say that I notice things that they don’t and mention things that they would not have thought about.  I went, hoping that the owner wasn’t one of those hostile types that hates Realtors.

While I waited for my peeps to arrive, I struck up a conversation with the seller.  He told me that he has had 38 showing, but no offer.  As he told me this, his wife was pushing their young kids in a stroller.  I guess she has done this 38 other times while buyers looked at the house.

My people showed up and we looked at the house.  It was really nice.  The seller bought it 2 years earlier and spent about $18,000 on new windows, roof & a super energy efficient heat pump.  I didn’t think his price was bad.  To get that many showings without the MLS is pretty impressive.

I called the dude the next day to offer him some tips.  He graciously accepted.  He had said that nobody had really given him any feedback.  I spent about the next 25 minutes or so answering his questions and giving him some tips.  My thoughts were that with the price okay, what he needs to do is to make it show better. 

He had a pot rack in the kitchen that was nice, but it made the space seem less open.  Wherever you were, the pot rack made the rest of the kitchen seem like it was behind it.  There was a bay window in the kitchen with some heavy curtains.  I suggested that he take them down so more light comes inside. 

Like every seller, he put a picture of the outside of his house on the flyers.  That is always funny to me, to show somebody a picture of what they are already looking at in person.  For somebody to get that, they have to be right in front of the house!  I told him to put multiple pictures on or put one of the best feature of the house.  The goal is to create interest so people want to see the inside.

I don’t know if the guy will take my advice.  He was a nice guy that seems to have done a lot of expensive work to his house.  I wish him luck so his wife doesn’t have to keep walking around the block with the kids 🙂

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