Tricks Sellers Play

I was out with a client this week looking at old houses in Chevy Chase, Fairway, Lakewood, Lansdowne,basically 40502.  One house in particular stuck out to me because it was a FRAUD!!!

What do I mean by that?  Simply that the seller had done everything possible to make the house attractive……….except making it a good house.  They had all the lights on, a fire going in the fireplace, they were simmering an orange in some type of cinnamon gue on the stove.  It was decorated with small scale furniture to make the small rooms look bigger. I can over look that stuff, but what got me miffed was that the whole house was nothing more than a beautiful faux finish. 

The ceiling in the bathroom looked like tin……but it was just wall paper.  The counter top had a neat design on it…………but it was painted plywood.  The flooring in the kitchen was left over parquet flooring from an 80’s remodel, but they had painted a light green and white diamond pattern over it.  All the vanities in the bathrooms were ancient, but were painted a trendy flat black.  There was panelling in the basement and a little in the kitchen that had just been painted.

None of this would bother me in a $100,000 house………….heck, not even in a $150,000 house.   In fact, I would probably give them credit for all their effort.  But this was a $350,000 house.  I just felt like somebody was trying to fool me!

My advice for this seller is to put in some granite and do some updates that aren’t in liquid form and can’t be poured out of a can.  Make your house honestly good!  Location is only one third of the known real estate principles.  Condition and price are part of it too!

My advice for buyers is to watch out for this kind of trickery.  Until you started to look closely at what this house really was, it looked stunningly beautiful.   But, none of that comes with the house.  The decor will be gone.  The new owner will then realize that the house was really just cheap updates inspired by those HGTV shows where they make over an entire room for $1000.

But it won’t be my clients that fall for this!!

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