LEXpert Video Tour of Plantation


Checked out a neighborhood called Plantation recently.  I had somebody send me a message that they were wanting to be in the Dunbar High School District, needed to be under $200k if possible, and wanted a decent sized yard.  That sure narrowed down the choices!

Plantation is a pretty typical 1970’s  neighborhood.  Split Foyers, ranches, split levels, and some traditionals.  The schools ares Garden Springs, Beaumont and Paul Lawrence Dunbar.

I guess what makes Plantation unique is that what once was a neighborhood just outside of Lexington is now surrounded by some really upscale neighborhoods and landed in a really good school district.  The good part of town grew out to it basically.  I don’t think back in the mid 1980’s when we had family friends that lived out there I could have imagined how it would  be today.  So, if you don’t want a newer house, gotta have a good sized yard, but still want to be in a desireable part of town with a great school district, and need to do it all for under $200k, look no further.

Checkout the video….Thanks!

One thought on “LEXpert Video Tour of Plantation

  1. Impressive blog and videos. I’ll be in town this week if you’d like to grab some lunch. 11:00 tomorrow or Tuesday works for me. Let me know if that works for you and what restaurant. Thanks, Jack

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