The LEXpert tours Hartland

Went to a great neighborhood today called Hartland.  Hartland is in South Lexington outside Man O War.  Be sure to watch the video, but here are a few stats:

-Almost 1000 houses (800ish  in Hartland, about 200 in Hartland Estates and Hartland Executive.)

-Schools are Mill Creek Elementary, Tates Creek Middle and Tates Creek High School.

-The prices range from about $220k up to well over a million bucks.

-Most houses in the older, smaller part of Hartland are $220k-325k.  The bigger section closer to the Tates Creek Road side are mainly in the $325k-450k range.

-The Estate and Executive sections are $500k-600k  and up, and up and up.

-The neighborhood has a 17 acre city park with a walking trail, shelters, a playground and open fields.

Hope you enjoy the video!

2 thoughts on “The LEXpert tours Hartland

  1. I’m glad we didn’t look at this neighborhood b/c we would have fallen in love with it and then realized it was too far from Georgetown for us! I love all of the mature trees and the community pool. Anna and Ben say “hi”. Of course Anna thinks you made this video just for her =).

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