The LEXpert tours Cumberland Hill

Did a video tour today.  This time it was in Cumberland Hill.  I don’t know if it is just me, but I’ve always called it Cumberland Hills……..Either way, you’ll call it special when you see the video.

It is in South Lexington off of Tates Creek Road.  It was built in the mid 1980’s, which was, in my opinion, the end of the era for decent sized lots and houses built to be lived in rather than just to be marketed.

The houses are in the 2000-2500 square feet range.  Some of them have basements.  Some of the smaller ranches are going for about $190,000 right now.  Most of the two story houses are getting $220-250,000.  The highest sale in the past year was for $285,000…..which is more of the exception than the rule!

One of the best features of Cumberland Hill is that it backs up to Veteran’s Park.  It also has a really cool section of Veteran’s Park called Ribbon Park.  It has wooded areas, open fields, a creek, walking paths, plus everything else that Veteran’s Park has.

The school district is really awesome… long as you only care about the elementary school.  It is Veteran’s Park Elementary, which is practically in the neighborhood.  The middle and high schools are both Tates Creek, which isn’t a popular choice.

The neighborhood has a pool and clubhouse too!

It’s a combo neighborhood…..meaning it offers more than just one strong feature.  The large lots, the location, the relaxed neighborly vibe, and the park make it a wise choice.

Hope you enjoy it!

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