What’s Masterson Station Gonna Look Like in 20 Years?

I’m thinking about a neighborhood in Lexington that was built on the edge of town when it was new….Mainly starter homes, but there are a fair amount of move up houses too….it is really made up of several different neighborhoods, but now the identity of each one has kind of been lost and everybody thinks of it as one giant area.  Sound like Masterson Station, I mean “Masterson” as many people call it now?  Sure does, but I am talking about Century Hills/Hunting Hills/Squire Oak/Cove Lake/East Hills/East Lake/ Summerhill and any other ones that I may have left out between Richmond Road and Armstrong Mill outside Man O War that were developed in the 1980’s.

When I moved to Lexington in 1985, that was the new place to be for first time buyers and people moving up.   We had some family friends that rented a house on Squires that was the last house on the street and still had the old Squires Road behind it before it was turned into a walking trail.  They ended up building a brand new cedar sided contemporary house a few blocks away in Eastlake.  I remember thinking how nice it was out there.   Also back then there was a distinct difference between all these neighborhoods, but now most people seem to refer to the whole area as the Buckhorn or Squires or Kenesaw area.

So, what do I think Masterson Station and all the derivative neighborhoods will be like in 20 years?  You got it….just like the Buckhorn/Squires/Kenesaw area is now.  You’ll have some really nice areas and some that are a little run down.  Some that are mainly owner occupied and some that are heavy on rental houses.  You’ll go 3 blocks in one direction and be very pleased with the houses, and 3 blocks another direction and be disappointed. 

It is already getting a little like that in the Masterson area.  There are some sections that I don’t recommend to my clients and some that I think are wonderful, and the wild thing is that they all co-exist in what is viewed as the same neighborhood.  I’ve sold 5 houses out there in the past year or so, and fortunately all my clients picked promising sections of the neighborhood!  Some of my favorite parts of Masterson are in the older sections that were done by PSC, Cutter and Ball Homes.  It is pretty much the part that is between Masterson Station Drive and the Park….roads like Trailside, Masters View, Meadow Valley,  Woodlawn, Valley Brook and Lemon Drop…I just love to say Lemon Drop.  One of the things that makes this part so nice is that some of those streets back to Masterson Station Park.  Having that asset helps make it desirable just as having some lake view lots has kept up the value on some streets in the Buckhorn/Squires/Kenesaw area.

So there you go…….Now you know what Masterson Station will look like in 20 years.

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