Lexington Ky Neighborhood Tour by The LEXpert: Ashland Park & Chevy Chase

I did a tour of Ashland Park and Chevy Chase today……and it was a great day to be out in the convertible.  I picked these two neighborhoods because I have had 3 buyers recently that have been looking in these neighborhoods, as well as the general 40502 area.

So, if you’re not from Lexington and want to know what is so great about Ashland Park and Chevy Chase, here we go!

Both neighborhoods are in the heart of Lexington.  If you look on a map, they are between Richmond Road and Tates Creek Road out to around Cooper Drive.  When new, Ashland Park had bigger houses, while Chevy Chase had smaller houses…..but a lot of that has changed.  There have been a lot of houses with huge additions.  Some are on the back, and some ranches and 1 1/2 story homes have been transformed into 2 story houses. 

Besides the cool older architecture and mature trees, it is one of the few places in Lexington that is truly walkable.  There is a commercial district along Tates Creek Road/East High Street as well as on Euclid Avenue.  On the opposite side of Chevy Chase is a road called Romany with a few businesses too.  We’re talking barber shops, grocery stores, a french bakery, a hardware store, florist, restaurants, a post office…..and to sound like a Time-Life infomercial, plus many more!  Both spots are fun to be in.

There has been some debate among Hoodies like me as to what makes Chevy Chase and Ashland Park so popular.  (BTW, I’m starting a new term for people who are into neighborhoods.  It’s like how the people who are all into The Food Network are called Foodies…..Like it?)  Both neighborhoods  have a good stock of old houses.  Yes they have a great location.  But, I think one of the prime things is the way it was laid out.  There are lots of medians and many of the roads just kind of meander through.

I think another aspect that is over looked is that the neighborhood has never really had a period of decline like almost every other neighborhood goes through.  What I mean is this:  These neighborhoods had a lot of the original owners stick around through the 1960’s and 1970’s when older houses close in town were not the thing……although these were still very desirable.  Many neighborhoods this old had a rough time during those decades.  Having so many old ladies stick around for so long kept these spots from suffering.  Since they both have location/charm/character/good schools, it attracted the type of buyers that actually turned these areas into upscale neighborhoods.  I remember reading in the 80’s that several long term owners were having a hard time paying the ever-increasing property taxes for their house.  In other words, these neighborhoods actually improved as the original owners left, when most neighborhoods decline a little after the original peeps leave!

Okay.  The schools are Cassidy Elementary, Morton Middle, and Henry Clay High.  All are popular schools.  These have been the schools for these neighborhoods for as long as I can remember.

Prices?  Well, I have seen a few smaller ones that need TLC go for around $250,000.  Most of the ones I have seen lately seem to be in the $350-500k range.  I think for $350-400k you can get an updated smaller house.  To get an updated bigger one, you will be looking more along the lines of $400-550k.  There are some that are going for much much more, but that seems to be what I would consider typical.  Figure about $170-200 per square foot.

Hope you enjoy the video.  I did have a few bloopers.  I said the circular part of South Hanover was like a turn-a-bout rather than a round-a-bout.  I also think I might have turned on Ridgeway and called it Dudley.  If you look close, the blue Audi wagon that pulled out in front of me on East High Street was the SAME GUY that pulled right in front of me on Romany Road….watch out for that dude!

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