Lexington Ky Real Estate: The LEXpert tours Lans-Merik


Did another video tour today.  This time I hit one of my favorite areas…..Lans-Merik.  The neighborhood is located inside New Circle Road between Tates Creek and Alumni Drive.

What do I think is so cool about this area?  Well, the main thing is that you get a fantastic location.  Lans-Merik is in the 40502 zip code, so it is surrounded by some of the most desirable neighborhoods in town.  The lots are big, there is a park and elementary school right in the neighborhood, and you have great shopping very close.

 Most of the neighborhood is split levels, split foyers, ranches and two-story houses, ranging from traditional to modern to even a few Spanish looking ones…..No need to tell you that this area was built in the 70’s, right!

Right now, houses from the 1970’s  and 1980’s don’t get much respect.  They aren’t old enough to have the charm of homes built before the 1940’s, and don’t have that mid-century modern vibe like ones from the 50’s and 60’s.  Anything from the 90’s up is considered pretty much current.  But I think in time they will come into their own…atleast in Lexington since this era was pretty much the end of nice big lots and closer in locations.  It may take the mid-century homes to become too expensive for the average buyer to consider them, but no doubt it will happen, and when it does we will all be wishing we had bought in Lans-Merik while prices were good!

The prices seem to mostly be in the $200-250k range.  Granted, many of the houses are pretty outdated, but I think they are a bargain considering the fact that you can go half a mile in almost all directions from this area and the houses are much much more expensive.  That is also a great thing because you know that you have room to spend money updating.  I really think that in the next 10 years people will be putting more money into these houses and we will see the average prices take a big jump.    Why not?  People will always want a terrific location and nice lots!

The schools are Julius Marks Elementary, Morton Middle, and Henry Clay High School.  All are pretty desirable!

Check out the video to see more.  Oh….I did make a mistake in the video.  I meant to say Tates Creek Road, but said Todds Road….Ooooops!

Enjoy 🙂

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