If You Don’t Remember Me, I Don’t Deserve Your Repeat Business

For as long as I’ve been a realtor, I’ve always liked to look at the listing history for houses on LBAR.   What amazes me is that most people don’t use the same realtor to sell their house that they used when they bought it.

I guess my fascination with this all goes back to my very first listing.  I met a seller at his work while he helped me load paint in my car.  He told me he was selling his house himself and wasn’t having much luck.  We kept talking, then he later  interviewed me and several other agents.  I remember going to their house and seeing several calendars on the fridge from other realtors.  I wondered why they didn’t use one of them?

I haven’t had this problem in the 6 years I’ve been a realtor.   Want to hear some of the stories?

I met a dating couple back in late 2005 at an open house.  We looked at houses one time and the soon-to-be-engaged-lady bought one that we saw that day.  I remember thinking that there was no way they would ever remember me since it all happened so fast.  The house had a dilapidated door to what was like an outside closet.  I tried to get the seller to fix it.  They wouldn’t (Keep in mind it was a seller’s market then and there had been multiple offers!)  Then I tried to get the FHA appraiser to make it an issue.  No luck there either.  In the end I bought a door and put it on myself.  I just wanted her to have a good door.

A few years later I am at an open house and my phone rings.  It is an agent who says some clients of mine came to his open house.  Turns out it was these people.  Guess they remembered my name after all?  They were now engaged and needed to combine households.  We sold the soon-to-be-husband’s house, then they bought a new one, then we sold the one I put the door on.  A couple years later, they decided they wanted a ranch on a big lot, so we got one and sold the first house they bought together.  That is 6 deals with the same people.

I have another client that I met while showing a listing of mine.   He was looking for a bargain.  This was about the time that all the foreclosures started hitting the market.  We looked at a bunch of houses.  Then one day a really good one came up that was in really good shape and in a great location.  I told him it wouldn’t get any better than that one.  There were multiple offers, but I got it for him.  I thought he and his family would stay forever, but they wanted to do it again just over a year later.  Good thing I picked such a good house because it sold pretty fast during the period after the tax credits expired.  I am now working my but off on one of the most difficult deals I have ever been in for this family.  We should close it next week.

I’ve also had a few other clients who have gotten transferred and called me out of the blue to sell their house for them.

All this is one reason why I don’t send post cards announcing day light savings, or basketball schedules.  I guess my attitude is that if my name doesn’t  come to mind when my past clients need a realtor, then I don’t deserve their business again.

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