12 Phrases Folks Googled & Got to my Blog

One of my favorite things to do is see the phrases people google and got to my site.  Some of them help me with picking blog topics, and some of them just give me a good laugh.  I thought I might share some of them with you today:

1)  How do I know what school district I am in?  That is an easy one, go to this site: http://www.fcps.net/tools/street-directory.

2)  What is the worst time to sell in Lexington Ky?  Uhhhhhhhh, like right now dude.

3)  Is Gainesway Drive in Lexington Ky a very busy street?  Yes it is.

4)  What does C.M.A mean?  It stands for Comparative, or Comparable Market Analysis.  It is basically taking a few recent sales from your area to determine the value of your house by cutting and pasting value for ways your house is better or worse than the comparable sale houses.  You’re really just using a known value to determine a probable value.

5)  Lexington Ky find sex:  I imagine THIS person didn’t hang around my site for very long, and I also imagine we might find him on another useful site, which is the Ky Sex Offender Registry…..Since I have a link on my blog, that is how this person probably found my site!

6)  Will house prices in Lexington Ky go up?  I think it is going to take inflation to make the prices go up in the near future, sorry.  Not only do we have supply and demand working against us, there has also been a mental shift in how people perceive their home.  It seems most people no longer view it primarily as an investment or an ATM machine, but as a place to live and build some equity along the way.

7)  My Lexington Ky realtor sucks, what should I do?  This one is easy…….call me!

8)  Previous sale prices in Beaumont Enclave:  Do what I do when I need that kind of info, hit the PVA site and scroll through previous sales at   http://fayettepva.com/Search/Disclaimer2.aspx?FromUrl=../Search/GenericSearch.aspx?mode=address.

9)  Is the Hamburg area a safe place to live?  I think so, but go to the crime map to see for yourself at http://crimewatch.lfucg.com/.

10)  Lexington Ky Realtor Rice “God Loves You John”:  Thanks whoever you are, I already know that, but I do appreciate being reminded 🙂

11)  What to leave in the house after the sale:  Well, you leave anything that was written on the contract.  In our area we usually write down everything the buyer wants that is attached to the house but could easily be unscrewed or removed.  Usually these items are things like ceiling fans, window blinds/treatments, garage door openers and remotes, range, dishwasher, sometimes the fridge, sometimes shelving.  The more you write down and the less you assume, the better it is at the end.  Nobody likes drama.

12)  Lexington Ky single ladies over 60:  I know I am the LEXpert, but this one has me stumped.  I’ll ask my mom where her single friends hang out.

So, these are some of the better ones.  If you have a LEXington question, feel free to give me a shout, but let’s keep it about real estate please 😉

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