Lexington Ky Real Estate: How $59 Bought a lot of Trust

Well, it finally paid off today……and in a big way!  See, I am all about keeping the trust I work so hard to establish with my clients.  I want them to know I am looking out for them, and I often look for ways to reinforce that vibe.

Let me give you a little background about this story so you’ll understand how me spending $59 to have an air conditioner looked at by my HVAC person turned out to be a fantastic decision.

I have a client who is buying a house.  We had it inspected.  The inspector said the copper had been cut out of the air conditioner lines.  The other agent had their HVAC person come out who inspected the unit.  Since I know this agent, and my client knew I knew this agent, I wanted to make sure he knew that despite my friendship with the other agent, I was totally on his side.  The last thing I need is a client to even entertain the thought that I’m not watching out for them.  That’s why I disclosed that I was friends with the other agent to begin with!  When you’re in a business where you give advice,  you must have total trust with your clients.

  Since we had opposing opinions about the lines, I sent my HVAC person out.  I told my client I had no reason to believe what the other agent said was untrue, but I wanted to prove it to him.  Now really, I expected the lines to be there and all to be well.  It was really about putting my client’s mind at ease that all was well………..

Only all wasn’t well.  Turns out the copper lines were missing, probably recycled by now and the thief that took them has already spent the money.  With no lines, the compressor was burned out.  My HVAC guy said it would be about $1500-2000 to get it working again.

I am so glad I decided to get this checked out myself.  Not that I thought there was any deception here.  This was just one of those things where the person checking it earlier didn’t investigate all that well and my agent-friend passed on the info they were told to me.  If anybody is to blame it would be the HVAC person who said it worked just fine.  (So……other agent…….I am not pointing any fingers at you if you are reading this ;-))

Can you imagine if my client had closed on the house tomorrow, turned on the air, and it not work?  Then find out he needed to spend that much money?  Not only would that have been devastating, it would have killed any credibility and trust I had built with him.  In the end, it was worth every penny of the $59 to guarantee that my client’s wallet wouldn’t be drained, his house to be  cool, and to maintain the trusting relationship we have.

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