Amazing What Furniture Can Do

I’ve got this client whose house I am selling.  I sold it to them when they bought it.  The house had been sitting on the market for a while when we wrote the offer.  I got them a good price on it, but I was a little nervous about selling it in a cooler market than when they bought it.  I told them before we bought it that it might be harder to sell since it had been on the market so long.  The agent that had it listed at that time did a decent job of presenting the house, so I couldn’t really blame it on her…..figured it was the casual floor plan in a neighborhood full of cookie cutter McMansions.

Well, just by word of mouth, I ended up with multiple showings before I even put it on the MLS……which was today.  It got 3 more showing today.  Granted, it ain’t sold yet, but it is in the top 3 houses for 2 different buyers.  Makes me think I have something really special here.

What gives?  How could a house sit on the market for a long time in a better market and be on the short list of two buyers now?  I think it has something to do with their furniture.  When they bought it, it was vacant.  I remember going in the house and thinking it was nice, but I had some concerns.  One of them was the “Keeping Room.”  When it was vacant, it just seemed so small.  I am usually pretty good about figuring out scale and all, but not this time.  Once the seller got furniture in the room it totally changed the vibe and actually made it seem bigger.  The house has a covered patio that is very nice, but once the sellers put out a table and flowers, it really made it seem like some place you’d like to vacation.

This past weekend, I was out with a young couple.  We went in two houses in the same neighborhood that happen to be the same floor plan.  There were some minor differences:  One had a tiled backsplash, the flooring was a different color, and the cabinets were different stains.  One had plain paint and was decorated with an older vibe……..guess I’d call it Early American Yard Sale.  One had furniture and paint that was much more hip.  Guess which one my young couple clicked with the most?  When the agent for the “Older House” called for feedback, I told her about this and suggested they make some changes since the target buyer in that price range and neighborhood is a twenty-something person (or persons!)

So, if your house is for sale or you are about to sell, think about all this.  Afterall, look at all the shows on HGTV where that lady from the Target commercial makes a few cosmetic changes and the house sells soon afterwards.  Think about your target buyer too.  I’ve noticed the twenty-something buyers like cooler colors like gray tones.  People older than that go for warm colors like beige since they remember the last time cool colors were vogue back in the 80’s.

And oh…..while I was writing this post, an offer came in on that house……a good offer.  Gotta go now!

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