Changing Realtors? Do it for the RIGHT reason!

I was flipping through listings the other day and I noticed a house I have seen before is now listed with a different agent.  Having seen the house, I knew exactly why it didn’t sell with the first agent:  Price.  It was a nice house, but it didn’t have anything that would put it at the top of any buyers list.  The deck was smaller than you typically see in that neighborhood,  the driveway was sloped, and it had an unfinished basement when most you see in that neighborhood are finished.  Another house around the corner just sold for a mere $15k more than the asking price on this one.  It had a finished basement, an extra bath, and granite counter tops.  Which would you pick?

Since the house didn’t have anything to WOW buyers, about the only thing a realtor has left in the arsenal is price…..and it was clear the sellers weren’t budging since the new agent had it at the same price that didn’t attract buyers with the previous agent.  To me, it was sad since the original listing agent was actually quite good at marketing houses.

I see this all the time.  Sellers think switching realtors is somehow magically going to convince a buyer to make an offer on a house they don’t want.  I mean, if your agent is actually doing a decent job and you are getting showings, the problem is either with the house or the price……..both of which are something only the seller can fix.  If you get no showings, buyers/agents knoooooooow your house is over-priced.  You get showings, but no offers?  That means that buyers/agents think your house could be worth the asking price, but change their mind when they see it……meaning your house has some fatal flaw or doesn’t show well.  All a seller can do is improve the house or reduce the price.  No amount of marketing can convince a buyer to want your house as long as there are better houses out there for them.

Want to know some reasons when it is a good idea to switch agents?

*When you look online and notice your realtor has not only your neighborhood WRONG, but the zip code too!

*When you look online and the house number is WRONG!

*When you look online and your realtor hasn’t posted pictures after MORE than a week!

*When your realtor NEVER calls back an agent who wants to show your house!

*When the showing instructions for other realtors says to give notice so the seller can remove a dog and the house has been vacant for months (and your agent still doesn’t change it even after another agent brings that to their attention.)

Can you believe I ran into all of these situations just in the past couple of weeks?  Just yesterday I was at a house with a cash buyer.  The house number was wrong, but I found it.  The showing instructions were to “Leave Message & Show”, which I did.  When I got to the lockbox, there was a special code I needed to enter after my PIN number, which wasn’t mentioned.  Of course, when I called the office, I gave them the actual address for the house rather than the one the agent had online, so the office couldn’t find it.  Meanwhile, my clients are just wondering around the outside of the place, hoping we can get inside.  What did we do?  We left.  We went back later when the agent called me back.  That seller almost missed a showing all because their agent made a lot of careless mistakes.

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