Which Neigborhoods Does THIS Realtor Like?

You know, I work with people in all price ranges from well under $100k to over $500k.  I go in a lot of houses all over town.  I’m always telling my folks where I would live in their price range.  Thought it might make a good post.  Since buyers seem to want either an older or a newer house, I’ll give my picks on both.

Under $100k for newer homes:  This one is easy…….there aren’t any!

Under $100k for older homes:  I really like the Buckhorn Road area.  There are tons of different neighborhood names along Buckhorn, but it is easier to just lump them together and call it “Buckhorn.”  Why Do I like this area?  Good schools and convenient location.  Also, most are simple homes built in the late 1970’s and 1980’s, so they are pretty easy to maintain on a budget.  Another neighborhood I am a fan of is Gardenside.  Great cape cods and ranches from the 50’s and 60’s  just south of downtown ought to put this on anybody’s short list.

$100-200k for newer homes:  I really like Chilesburg cause it is pretty close to Hamburg and it has a lot of greenspace.  Also, the middle school is right in the area.  Masterson gets a bad rap from most old-time Lexingtonians, but you really can’t beat the value since you get more house for less money.  It isn’t a convenient location for getting around Lexington, but I would still live there.

$100-200k for older homes:  Meadowthorpe has a lot of the 1940’s charm and has the elementary school within the neighborhood.  Squire Oak and Hunting Hills are probably my favorite spots if you want a medium-sized house in SE Lexington from the 1980’s.  SE Lex is pretty handy since you can get to the two main shopping/dining/entertainment areas, Hamburg and Fayette Mall, pretty easily.  These neighborhoods are right beside each other.  The school district is good, and the elementary is right there in the middle of the area. 

$200-300k for newer houses:  In the NE side of town, Andover Hills is my pick.  This is mainly a late 1990’s area.  The school district keeps this neighborhood high on the list of those wanting this part of LEX.  Chilesburg is also nice for the previously stated reasons. 

$200-300k for older houses:  Kenwick is cool since it is so close to downtown and has a lot of early 1900’s charm.  An area few even know exists is Deepwood.  It is on the north end of town.  It is a small area of houses from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.  It is surrounded by neighborhoods that aren’t as nice, but I’d still live there just for the coolness factor.  Lansdowne-Merrick, AKA Lans-Merrick is a convenient spot close to everything and is surrounded by much more expensive neighborhoods.  To me, it is a bargain and I look for this area to become more popular once we start seeing more houses that have shed their 1970’s finishes.

$300-400k for newer houses:  Stuart Hall is right next to Chilesburg, so it has all the same perks.  Prices have fallen, so it is high on my value radar.  The lots seem to be larger than I typically see for newer areas.  That area is pretty flat, so you don’t have to worry about a crazy sloped lot!

$300-400k for older houses:  I LOVE Hartland.  This area was built in the 1980’s.  Still a lot of outdated houses left, but there is no other neighborhood in town from my POV that has such a good vibe.  I think it is going to be as loved by Lexingtonians as Chevy Chase and Ashland Park.  Why?  All the mature landscaping and fantastic layout.  All the cul-de-sacs are landscaped in the center as well as the median that runs through the whole main street.  In fact, the layout of the road and lots reminds me a lot of Ashland Park.  It is just as picturesque.  ALso, you can get a decent place in  Chevy Chase and Ashland Park within this price range.

$400-500k for newer houses:  Still Meadows gets my vote for character and a good school district in NE LEX.  Beaumont is a great pick…..most desirable schools in town, convenient southside location, walking trails, etc.

$400-500k for older houses:  You can also get a great house in Andover Forest for this kind of dough.  It’s close to Hamburg and the interstate, plus it has many golf course lots.  Hartland gets even better at this price point.  Chevy Chase and Ashland Park are great.  Greenbriar is a classic 1970’s interpretation of the executive, country club neighborhood full of custom builds on large lots situated out in the country…..only now, it is just a few minutes outside of town.

Over $500k?  I’d be in a really nice home in Hartland, Warrenton Woods, the Lakewood area, the Estate section of Andover Hills, or find a lot and build my dream home.

What are your favorite neighborhoods?  Leave me a comment 🙂

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