If real estate were gym class, would your house be picked last?

I was that kid in middle school that was always picked last in gym class.  You know the drill.  Two team Captains (Buyers) pick their team (Houses) until there is only one left and that person gets picked by default.  Don’t feel bad for me though…….I’m sure the past 30 years has been better for me than for most of those picked before me 😉

The real estate market is very similar to what we’ve all experienced in gym class.  Buyers organize the houses in order of preference.  Naturally, they are most interested in move-in ready houses that are priced right.  Then they move down the list to those that are less desirable.  Sellers want to be picked sooner rather than later……think “Days on Market.”

Once the Captains are chosen, that is like the beginning of the house hunting season.  The Captains pick those they think will be the best.  Once those kids are on a team, they are “Sold” and not available anymore.  All a Captain can do is pick the most desirable kid from what is left.  Once the best one has been picked, the second best one becomes the new best choice.  That is until it was just me standing there and the Captain says my name…….with the enthusiasm as if he had just heard the cafeteria was serving goulash for lunch.

Right now, we are in the time of year where not many new listings are hitting the market.  It’s kind of like when there are only about 6 kids left from the whole class.  These are the ones that maybe nobody really wants, but the next kid that gets picked is going to be the best of those that are left.  There are many sellers right now with average to below average houses that will get contracts simply because there are no better choices for a buyer right now.  I always say that fall is the best time to get rid of  house that nobody has wanted all spring and summer…….which I guess is my whole point.

  On a side note, the only time I ever got picked any higher than dead last was when it was for volleyball.  See, I am left-handed.  When I serve, the ball always goes on the opposite side of the court from where it lands when most people serve.  Everybody on the other team was always caught off gaurd……and nobody ever noticed the pattern of where the ball would go when I served.  Come to think of it, that is one of the first times I ever realized the benefit of zigging when most people zag and zagging when most people zig.

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