Realtors & Car Sales……Here’s Hoping for a Difference Someday!

I’ve been out car shopping this week.  The whole process reminds me of why people hate most realtors.  Let’s face it, nobody likes to be “Sold” anything whether it is a car, a house, or some wacky extended warranty you get hit up with while checking out of Best Buy.

I went to one lot and got the usual pushy guy.  He was talking like it was just a given that I was buying his car and I couldn’t do it soon enough to make him happy.  He called me twice a day.  Then when he got nowhere, he started emailing me.  I replied that I was thinking about going with another car….to which he replied with all the “Special” things his dealership does that I won’t find anywhere else……even though every dealer I have ever been to that sells decent used cars does the same thing.  For some reason, being pushy always makes the person think that the buyer is an idiot.  After deciding a 350Z was too small for my needs, I switched my search to a Mustang Convertible……got to have a backseat or it becomes a big paperweight in the garage.  To get this guy off my back, I told him that I now wanted a Mustang GT Convertible, thanked him for his time, and did the old “Don’t call me-I’ll call you” routine.  He then told me that he had 2 Mustangs on the lot.  I checked, and neither were convertibles.  Which was to be expected, since his goal was to sell me a car and it didn’t matter if it was one I actually wanted.

I went to another lot to look at a Mustang.  This one looked nice on the computer.  Once I got there, it was all scratched up and had worn tires.  I was told that the car was priced under book value.  I was nice to the guy, but I told him that since I was a realtor, I know how value works.  It would have sold by now if it really was such a deal.  The reason it didn’t sell is because I found out that there are much nicer ones with better tires for the same money.  I wasn’t going to pay the same amount for a scratched up one needing new tires as one with new/newer tires and in better shape!

At the end of the day, I decided to have one shipped to a local dealer from up north.  If it looks nice, I’ll take it.  If not, I won’t.  You’ll know if my next video blog is out of a red Mustang convertible.

The whole process reminded me of why so many realtors can’t make it in this business.  See, they act too much like these car sales people-always wanting the consumer to do what they want to see happen rather than wanting the best for them.  People just aren’t into that!  I’ve said it before, one day I am going to write a book on how to be a great realtor.  I’ve also said that nobody would buy it because most realtors don’t want to be great, they want to make easy money.  I must have a lot of saying because I’ve also said personal success comes AFTER you’ve done something for the sole reason that it benefits your customer or client.  The public is looking for somebody they can trust and who has the guts to give them the advice/guidance they need even if it means creating more work and/or less money for the realtor.

I only wish there was a car lot out there that subscribes to my business paradigm.

(FYI-I have a 4 door sedan too…..Don’t want you thinking that if you call me, you’ll have to ride in the Mustang….unless you want to!)

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