The LEXpert tours Fayette Park, Elsmere Park & Hampton Court

It’s been a long time, but I broke out the video camera and did a tour of 3 of the best kept secrets in town for old neighborhoods.  Check out the video, but here are some highlights:


I am in love with this little street.  What makes it so unique is the arched entry made of stone.  There is nothing else like it in town.  There are about 40 houses and condos on this street.  I’ve always heard that the condo buildings on this street were the first in Lexington.  The condos were build around 1905 and the houses were around that same time, up to about 1920.   You can walk or drive through the big arch on the south side of the street, and there is a pedestrian arch on the north end.   The arches and the big trees really define the vibe of the street.  You almost feel like you are were playing hide-and-seek and stumbled onto a new diminsion.


There are only 29 houses on this street.  All of them build around 1900.  There is one way in and out.  I think that is what has helped to preserve this street’s identity.  The houses here don’t seemed to be restored to perfection like you see in some older areas.   Let’s call it patina.  The ones I have been in seem to make you realize that you are in a house that was build a long time ago, rather than making you feel like you stepped back into 1900 and everything is brand new.  More of a preservation mentality in my opinion here rather than a renovation vibe……and I say that is a good thing.


There are only 16 houses on this street.  Most were built in the 1885-1910 range.  This was “THE” place to be back then.   You can tell that these were grand houses when new, which means there was a bigger budget for more of the details that we all like in older houses.

I usually hit on values and school district in these videos, but none of these have sold recent enough to tell you anything accurately….and I figure that nobody is picking these streets for their school district.

Google these streets and check them out for yourself!


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