Before & After Shots of my house…..See what paint & carpet can do?

I’ve been pretty darn pumped up to do this post for quite some time now.  It gives me a chance to show off the work I did on this house and gives me a great platform to yell some more about what a difference carpet, paint and presentation can make.  Plus talk about investment property.

See, this is my house.  I bought it to rent it out…..gotta pay for college for my boys and keep my supply of cool cars fresh you know.  I paid $78k for it.  The foreclosures in this area go for in the mid $60’s.  In fact, an identical house to mine on the same street sold for $65k this summer…..So why am I bragging about paying $78k?  Well, I have been in the other one before and after its renovation.  That one needed a new kitchen and bath.  Mine didn’t.  That one didn’t have the wood trim wrapped in vinyl.  Mine did.  That one had a 27 year heat pump.  Mine has a 4 year old heat pump.  Once you get down to the nitty-gritty and compare apples to apples, I paid about $4k more for mine, but didn’t have to spend as much time to get mine ready nor did I have the risk of unearthing expensive issues during a major reno.   In the end, about the only visible difference between the two houses are color choices and I didn’t put in a dishwasher.  That house was flipped and just sold for $95k.  I think I did pretty good since that house was the same floor plan just about 5 houses down the same road….doesn’t get better than that for comparison sake!

These two pictures are of the same master bedroom.  Can you tell which one is the after?  All I did here was paint, carpet, an $80 ceiling fan, and new outlet covers…..and had a professional photographer snap the picture.

These next two are of the kitchen.  The cabinets and counter top were new just a few years ago.  Literally all I did was paint, a new range and a new ceiling fan….well, I did have an electrician add GFCI outlets just to make sure everything would be safe for my tenants.

These last two are of the bathroom.  All it got was a new toilet to conserve water and fresh paint.  The previous owner had recently redone the bathroom and made great selections!

So, there you have it……if this isn’t a testament to what paint, carpet and presentation can do, I don’t know what is.  I dropped about $3500 in paint, carpet, 5 light fixtures, 2 ceiling fans, a range and a toilet, but added at least $15,000 in value.  This is why I always tell sellers to do these little things because they can get such a big return not only in the sale price but also shorten their days on market.  (The other one just like mine was only on the market for a short time while being surrounded by others that have been on the market forever!)

2 thoughts on “Before & After Shots of my house…..See what paint & carpet can do?

  1. Looks great, looking to do something similar soon. What paint color is that? Also those window sill ledges in the kitchen look nice, did you make those yourself?

    1. Hey Ben,

      Thanks man. The paint was from Lowe’s. Its called Oatbran. The number on the swatch is 6006-1B. I think I might do my house in that color next time. The sills on the ledge are original. They don’t look as good in person. They kind of have a faux marble look.

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