Lexington Ky Neighborhood Video Tour: Monticello & Robinwood


I’ve always liked these two neighborhoods.  Back when I was in high school, the family that did Young Life in Lexington lived right off Boston Road.  That was way back before there was Man O War and Millpond Shopping Center.  I remember when they built the Kroger out here.  I thought “Why in the world did they build THAT all the way out here??”   That was also before the development of the R.J. Reynolds property.  Reynolds Road was just two lanes and spit you out on Clays Mill right in front of Jessie Clark Middle School.   I also use to cut through Shilito Park to get over here.  I remember well all the experiments with speed bumps, humps and dips.  There was this one house near the park entrance on Winthop that always had a greenish Chevy Corvair sitting in the driveway.  It is still there after almost 25 years.

Since then, I’ve seen several people I know move into this area.  I know 4 families that live there now.  Use to be 5 until I sold their house on Winthrop.  Everybody I know that lives out here really likes it.  There really aren’t any negatives about this area……unless you just don’t like older houses from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Check out the video and let me know what you think!

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