Stating the obvious ISN’T marketing

You’ve been there.  You’re looking at houses online and the picture looks good to you, so you start to read the marketing remarks about the house…..only the realtors chose to tell you that “NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY.  RATES ARE HISTORICALLY LOW”, but they don’t really tell you much about the house somebody is paying them to sell.  It’s like the message is that you should buy ANY house, not just the house you are looking at.   I’ve always thought it was pretty stupid to waste the short amount of attention you have from a consumer with that stuff.   I mean, think about it.  Anybody reading the marketing remarks about a house, either in print or online, has probably ALREADY DECIDED THEY WANT TO BUY A HOUSE!!!  They’ve come to a website or picked up a flyer to do what?  Look at houses or try to figure out IF they are going to become buyers or not?  Same thing with the old “YOU CAN OWN CHEAPER THAN YOUR RENT”.  Any renter looking at houses doesn’t need to be told this, they already know it.

It isn’t just in this industry either.  Back when I was younger, I had a lawn maintenance company.  That was before the internet and advertising in the phone book was the thing to do.  I would see ads where lawn companies were trying to convince people of all the benefits of having them mow their lawns.  I used the attention I had from consumers looking at my ad to convince them I could do a great job, that I had insurance (something most didn’t at the time) and that I had happy customers.  My thoughts were that if somebody had picked up a phone book, gone to the “L” pages and looked up either lawn care or landscaping, then they had already decided to let somebody else do the work for them.  At that point the goal became to convince them that I was a better choice than the guys who were telling them they should make a decision that had already been made.

Just my 2 cents for the day.

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