You’ll know if you had a bad Buyer’s Agent when you go to sell

I’ve got a pretty easy day today.  The phone hasn’t rung much, no houses to show.  It’s been pretty crazy busy lately, so that’s why I’m a little late with the blogging.

I was just scrolling through some listings in my saved tab on  I’ve been following this house that I sold a few years ago that was back on the market.  Want to know the story?

Here goes:  I was the 3rd realtor to have this listing and the only one to sell it.  It backs to a wooded area in a nice neighborhood.  I was the only agent that made a big deal over the wooded area.  Why did I do that?  Because it was the only unique feature this house had over every other house that was for sale in that price range.  Truth be told, it wasn’t a house I could have recommended to any of my buyers.  In fact, my wife and I had looked at this house before we moved 4 years ago and were not interested.  The house was right at that point where a lot of expensive maintenance was coming up and I didn’t want to fund all that, plus a tiny kitchen and odd placement for the laundry.

The house sold to a first time buyer represented by another agent.  It was great for my people because they were able to get top dollar for a house with rotting windows and a roof with shingles literally falling.  The repair list was very minimal, which made it easy for me (and the buyer’s agent…..which I suspect was why it was so minimal.)

Flash forward about 2 year.  The house comes back on the market.  I’ve got several buyers in that price range at the time, and they all want to see it.  I show it to them, but tell them what I know about the place.  None of them are interested.  The showing instructions that the listing agent put on the MLS was that the seller’s needed plenty of notice to show since they had to remove dogs.  The house was vacant.  The last time I showed the house, I told the listing agent they might want to change that since it could mean more showings, especially from the agents out with buyers looking at other listings in the area.  I often get calls from an agent with a buyer in their car that didn’t like the house they had an appointment for and have asked their realtor about “The one down the street.”  The dude never changed the showing instructions.

Finally, the seller changes realtors.  They got one that did a good job of presenting the house.  I’ve had a deal with this lady before.  She is pretty good at staying on top of things.  It takes a while, but it finally sells.   It sells for just over $10,000 less than they paid for it……probably to another buyer that has no idea that the house still needs a new roof and has the same rotting windows.  They also probably don’t know that 8 out of 10 buyers will not want the house when they go to sell it due to the tiny kitchen and odd placement of the laundry.

I guess all this just reminds me of what I see on a daily basis.  There are agents out there that don’t care a thing about their clients.  Then there are agents out there that really do care and do a great job.  If for some reason you are reading this and don’t think I am the agent for you, shoot me an email or text/call and I’ll be happy to recommend somebody that might be a better fit…..I’m just too tired of seeing people suffer the consequences of having a bad agent.


P.S.  I hit spell check after writing this post and it was the first time it said no errors were found.  Hope my 7th grade Language Arts teacher is reading this!!

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