Do you know what neighborhoods have the most crime??

People ask me all the time if a neighborhood is “Safe”.  That’s when I often start verbally blogging about the difference of what we perceive to be safe and the reality that crime happens everywhere.  I kind of think that most people see a pretty street with well-kept lawns as a “Safe” location……and a cheaper area with lots of chain link fencing and junk in the yard as unsafe.

I own 4 houses.  3 of them are rented and I live in, of course, the nicest one.  One is downtown and is worth less than $20k.  The other two are around Man O War near Alumni Drive.  The one I live in is near Hamburg.  Which do you think has had the most and least crime in the past 4 months?  You’d think my own house located on a cul-de-sac in a desirable neighborhood with the best school district in this part of town would have the least crime, right?  And my little rental shack off of 3rd street would by far be the most dangerous?  Well, you’d be wrong.

Below is a link to the crime map.  Before you click it, think about some of the neighborhoods you think would have the most/least crime then look at them on the map.  I bet you might be as surprised as I was.   I will add this though…..As somebody that checks the crime stats frequently, it seems that crime like cars and houses getting broken into seem to come in waves.  My neighborhood has always been pretty low on crime, but last fall and winter all those crooks made their unwelcome appearance in my area.  Once it starts happening frequently enough for the police to patrol more often, they move on.  They may be in your neighborhood next.  That is one reason it is better to look at the crime from a longer vantage point than just the past month.  I tell people looking back over the past 6-12 will scare the heck out of you, but should give you a realistic view of what you can expect before you buy.

Here is the link:,%20KY


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