LEXpert Neighborhood Video Tour: Harrod’s View

Ask anybody in LEXington what is a good neighborhood in the southwest part of town with the best schools and plenty of amenities close by and almost everybody will say Palomar or Beaumont.  Both of those areas are some of my favorites too, but I’ve had a chance to spend some time in a neighborhood that is just as nice……even better in some ways.  It is called Harrod’s View.

I had a client that really fell in love with the neighborhood.  We looked at about every house that came on the market for about a year and a half.  Sure, we’d look in Palomar and other nice neighborhoods in this part of town, but the more we saw, they more these people really wanted to be in Harrod’s View….and I can’t blame them!

I think what makes this neighborhood unique is that it is a little area tucked away right between Palomar and Beaumont.  It is a neighborhood that many in Lexington drive past, but since it is so small and has no through streets, few ever have a reason to go into it.  You also have many businesses, restaurants a library & a YMCA just a few stops signs away.  Easy living…I guess that is what I call it.  You know, the type where you feel all calm and peaceful when you’re home or walking down your street, but you can also leave your house at 5:55 for your 6:PM reservations at Malone’s and make it on time.



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