Best performing LEXington schools & their Neighborhoods Part 1: Veteran’s Park Elementary

One of the things I get asked the most when working with a client is “What school district is that in?”  Thought it was about time to list the highest performing schools and talk a bit about the neighborhoods that feed into them.   I got my list of top schools straight from Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) themself… is the link

THE top performing elementary school for 2011-2012, which is the most current test scores out there since the 2012-2013 school year isn’t over, is Veteran’s Park Elementary.

The neighborhoods that feed into Veteran’s Park Elementary are:  Fairhaven, Cumberland Hills, Woodfield, Ashmoor, and PARTS of Pinnacle and PARTS of Waterford.  I always caution people to go to the site  I’ll post in a sentence or two to confirm the school district for any street in LEXington.  Realtors have been known to intentionally/unintentionally put the wrong school on the MLS.  I have seen where agents have listed Maxwell Elementary as the school for their listing.  BTW, Maxwell is a Spanish Immersion School that you can only get into by lottery-it HAS no school district.

All the neighborhoods in this area are close to Veteran’s Park (Yeah, the park and the school share a name.)  The park has 235 acres and is really cool.  You should check it out.  One thing most of my clients like about this area is that you aren’t too far away from anything.  Hamburg, Fayette Mall and UK are fairly close, even though there may be a lot of traffic.

So, here are the neighborhoods:

1.  Fairhaven-This is about as cheap as you can get into this school district.  Most of these houses were build in the mid to late 1980’s.  They tend to be moderate in size, like 1200-2000 sq feet and run from $125-175k.  You can walk to the school from this neighborhood.  The streets between Saron and the park are the best in my opinion just since it is nice to be closer to a park than it is to hearing Tates Creek Road.

2. Cumberland-This was one of the prime spots to be in during the late 1980’s.  A good mix of traditional and a few wild contemporaries on large lots give this neighborhood a peaceful, relaxed vibe.  Cumberland has it’s own pool and clubhouse.  It also has it’s own entrance to Veteran’s Park (The Park-not school) at the end of Rockbridge.  Some old school LEXingtonians still refer to that section as Ribbon Park.  It is one of my favorite parks in town!  Houses are mostly 2000-2500 sq ft.  Some have basements.  Prices are in the $200’s.  I occasionally see a rough one sell for less, and the best ones may be something like $275k.

3.  Ashmoor-I call this neighborhood Cumberland Lite.  It has much of the same charm and character, but the houses are and lots are smaller.  Plenty of ranches too.  Most of the streets are lined with huge pin oaks.  Sizes are mainly 1400-2000 and prices are usually in the $150-200k range.

4.  Woodfield-Early 1990’s to 2000’s homes.  Kind of like Cumberland, but with a bit more flair and modern features like vaulted ceilings and open floor plans.  Most houses are in that same 2000-2500 sq ft range and I have only seen one house go for over $300k out there.

5.  Pinacle-this neighborhood is mostly a mid to late 1990’s area.  It kind of filled in the space between Cumberland, Waterford and Southpoint if you look on a map.  Lots of rolling hills out here.  You can get some big lots in this neighborhood, but like Waterford, odds are you won’t get a flat one.  Houses are 2200-2500 sq ft.  Many have basements.  Prices are mostly in the $220-320k range.  You get a big updated house with a finished basement for the higher end of the range.  Has it’s own pool too and easy access to a mini-Hamburg like shopping area called Brannon Crossing.

6.  Waterford-poor Waterford.  The past several years have been cruel to you 😦  First, half of you gets redistricted out of Veteran’s Park, then the housing crisis….and all at a time when most of your houses were hitting that first cycle of decline.  If I were to give an award for taking it on the chin and perseverance, you would get it.  Wow….that was weird, I’ve never spoken directly to a neighborhood before, but that gives you the background.  Waterford is a very nice area.  It has a nice pool and clubhouse.  It has matured well since the early 1990’s when it was a wooded area on the edge of town.  The pair of ponds at the entrance are a good spot to feed the ducks.  Many lots are big, but can be hilly.  Most of the houses are 2200-2500 sq ft.  Many have basements, which can add to those numbers.  Prices are in the lower $200’s up to about $300k.  I think Waterford is going to be a future classic, so I look for values to increase….especially the houses on the streets that go to Veteran’s Park Elementary!



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