Natural light in a house….or not

Me:  I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this house.

My friend:  It is nice, but too dark for me.


So, I am showing a friend a new listing I have.  It is one of the two listings I’ve had that I wanted to buy myself.  I expected my friend to dig it just as much, but he didn’t.  That got me thinking about the whole light verses dark houses thing.

I just moved from a newer house with an open floor plan in a neighborhood with short trees.  Came to an older house with separate rooms, very mature trees, and a natural light robbing covered patio.  Long story short, I knew exactly what he meant.  I totally love a light and bright living space, but I also really love having the big trees and my covered patio too.  Guess I can’t get both 😦

The light issue was the hardest thing for me to get use  to in the new  place.  I do feel like I am walking around in the dark much of the time.  I told myself the trade off was the nearly 40 tall trees that fill my lot.  I enjoy the shade they provide when I am outside as well as the privacy.

I didn’t know if I could get use to this, but I did. Being a realist, I normally can see the good and bad in most everything.  The thing I have come to really like about my house that doesn’t get a lot of natural light is that I feel very “Inside” my house.  I’ve always wanted to be outside, so enjoying this kind of freaked me out at first.  Guess I mean that when I am home, I feel very much like I am in my own world…..the John Rice Space inside and the rest of the world on the outside.

((Still working on the Best Schools and Their Neighborhood series.  Just had this topic on my mind this morning.))

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