Things buyers don’t like

I was out today with a really fun couple that was referred to me from a past client. I showed them 4 houses, but I want to tell you about two of them.

Both were in fantastic locations with desirable school districts. Both were priced right. I told my client that both of the houses must have something wrong with them that we can’t see because neither should still be on the market…..I found out why neither had sold.

The first house was very impressive when you walk in. Hardwood floors and a very nice living room with fresh paint and a lot of light. Then you go in the kitchen. Nicely painted cabinets and 20 year old beige appliances. The master bedroom was very nice. Then you walk down a hall with new carpet, which makes the original carpet in the other bedrooms seem even worse than they really are. Are you seeing a pattern here? The house kept going from really nice to really outdated. It was polarizing. It is hard to sell a polarizing house. Buyers just don’t like the feeling of randomness. This house would be better to make all rooms the same.

The other house was very open and bright. It was vacant. Light colored beige carpet against flat white walls. There was NOTHING to look at. It was as dull and sterile as the waiting room at your doctor’s office. All that was missing were the old magazines. It is hard enough to sell a vacant house. It is even harder when there is nothing for a buyer to connect with. This house needs a neutral color on the wall and/or some furniture. It was really a great house, but just will never give a good first impression.

I always feel bad for sellers of houses like this. Often, a few minor changes can make a ton of difference!

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