Tates Creek 2.0

Tates Creek. Always a nice area. But it seems to be making a comeback.

I don’t mean Tates Creek inside New Circle. That has always been a popular area since the heydays of The Merrick Inn and John Y Brown living on Old Dobbin. I mean Tates Creek OUTSIDE Man O War.

I remember when it was new. Tates Creek was two lanes past Redding Rd/Armstrong Mill. Man O War was a two lane road with hardly any cars ever on it. There was this new neighborhood out in the middle of nowhere that was the talk of the town. Yeah, Hartland. We had never seen anything like it before in Lexington. A giant planned community way out in the middle of nowhere. Then they build a fancy new shopping center on the corner of Man O War. It was THE. Place. To. Be.

Then came Cumberland Hills, Waterford and Pinnacle. The road was widened. More shopping too. It was all new, and all new always means better. It was the best place to live unless you were one of those people who didn’t consider anything outside New Circle to even be Lexington.

Then, like all neighborhoods/areas, this whole area started it’s cycle of decline. Taking it’s place for the shiny new part of town were neighborhoods like Palomar, Firebook, Andover (Now absorbed by Hamburg) and finally Beaumont. The Tates Creek area never got bad, it just wasn’t the hot new thing any more.

But I think that is changing. A realtor friend and I are noticing more and more people specifically wanting this area. We kind of think that a lot of long time Lexingtonians remember this area in it’s heyday and now consider it a classic. It is an area that is aging well. I never thought I would say this, but they just don’t make neighborhoods like they did in the 80’s and 90’s any more. That was the end of the era for large chunks of available land in Lexington, things like sidewalks on BOTH sides of a road wide enough for two cars to pass and a useable sized yard. Add 20-30 years and you also get nice big trees. No wonder more buyers are being drawn to this part of town!

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