LEXpert on Location: Palomar Shopping Center

Thought I’d start shooting short videos of the features around the neighborhoods I’ve blogged about.

Today I was at Palomar Shopping Center.

If you live in Firebrook, Dogwood Trace, Dogwood Hills, Palomar, Beaumont, Harrods Hill, Harrods View, Rabbit Run or Plantation, you will find this is an easy place to get in and out. Plus it has a ton of stores, restaurants, banks, a gas station, gym, day care and so on.

I guess what I have always liked about it is that it is just the right size. Clean, pleasant, easy to get around in. Just nice. It is one of those places that is the suburbanish version of everything people like about their urban neighborhoods. You know, you see people on HGTV that don’t want to move away from their location because they love the bakery or coffee shop around the corner. There are probably people who live in this area that are like “I just love meeting friends at Panera, working out at LA Fitness, eating on the patio at Harry’s in the summer. I don’t want to leave this location!!” I think if you lived out there, it would feel like your shopping center and not just another strip mall.

When I was younger, I delivered newspapers to part of Rabbit Run and Palomar. I remember parking in the middle of this shopping center at 4:30 in the morning folding papers. On rainy days, I’d pull under the drive through canopy at Central Bank. Back then, a lot of people would park cars that were for sale in the parking lot. I remember eyeing a Lexus SC400 for several weeks before it disappeared. Other than the LFA, that was the coolest car Lexus ever made. I guess craigslist has put an end to selling cars that way. Just means more parking spots for us now.

Check out the video. I hope it helps you see what businesses are around this location.

Take care!

The LEXpert

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