Paint color makes this buyer pick a loser house

I met with a client yesterday who is about to use me for the 4th time. She is selling the last house I sold her. She told me something that I got a good chuckle over.

When we were house hunting for her, we saw one that was nice, but had rotting Masonite siding and worn out windows. I was soooo unexcited about that house for my client. She ended up buying another house that was very similar about 2 streets over. The one she got had new windows and vinyl siding. It was in much better shape.

Now is where it gets funny. She told me that she met the new owner of the rotting siding house during Trick or Treat last fall. The owner of the rotting siding house said she had looked at my clients house but did not like all the orange paint. I about fell on the floor laughing. See, that lady didn’t buy a better house over a paint color that would have cost maybe $1500 to change. She did buy a house that had an immediate need of $10,000 to replace worn out windows and rotting siding…..I mean rotting!

So, buyers take note. Changing a paint color is cheaper and easier than buying a house you don’t have to paint that needs a lot of work. Sellers, this should show you how important it is to make it easy for a buyer to like your house. And I guess if your house is really awful, you still might just sell it if you have a fresh coat of neutral paint.

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