Same house, nearly 10 years later

It’s the spring of 2005.  I just got my license.  I was a newbie.  All I had was a desire to be the best realtor I could be.

Now it’s wintertime in 2015.  Nearly ten years later.  I’ve sold 266 houses.  Started in the pre-bust market.  Grew my business through the declining market.  Been in the top 5% of all agents for production since 2009.  Made it to the top 1.5% for 2014.

Want to know what both of these years have in common?  620 Hidden Point Drive.

This house was the 2nd listing of my career.  The sellers called me about a month ago saying it was time to sell.  I had not had any contact with them since we closed on 12/28/2005…..which happens to have been my 14th wedding anniversary.  They had forgot my last name, but they did not forget me.  They actually had to work a little to find me.  I am glad they did.

Here is my 2005 description:

“More than meets the eye! This convientently located home has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, plenty of room for your stuff in all the storage areas. Outside you have a storage shed & 7’behind the garage door, inside there is a second level, go up a hidden stairwell (in a closet) to discover this bonus space. It’s heated & cooled & does have windows. Use it for storage or make it a cozy get away.  Enjoy the shady, fenced backyard from the covered patio. See this unique home today!”


Here is 2015:

“If you’ve been saying you don’t want a cookie cutter house, then you’ve got to see this one. Big rooms. Open concept. Three season room on the back. Fenced yard. Want your mind blown? Look for the hidden ladder to check out the loft. You’ve got a ton of storage and a bonus space unlike ANYTHING you have ever seen. This house brings to mind 3 things: IKEA in the sense of efficient use of space. A Swiss Army Knife in the sense of versatility. The T.A.R.D.I.S because it seems bigger on the inside than the outside (That’s Doctor Who’s time traveling ship that is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside……google it.)”

LOL, it sure was fun to compare my old work to my new work on the same house.  It brings back a lot of memories of the past decade.  I haven’t eaten a hot meal nor had a day off since then, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!




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