Winchester Ky-One of my favorite little towns

Before 1995, Winchester was just the town east of Lexington where my favorite soft drink was made; Ale-8.  That was the year my parents moved to rural Clark County.  Then my wife and I moved to downtown Winchester in 1998 and stayed until 2002.

When my kids were babies, I would end up driving all over the far side of Winchester while they were asleep.  Muddy Creek, Logan Lick, Old Ruckerville, Pilot View. Those were my favorite roads.  If you’re ever on Logan Lick, look for an old car from the 50’s stuck between two trees at the bottom of a hill.  I’d love to know the story on that eventful day if anybody knows!

While I was out there, all I had to do was look at the land and the houses.  I had no idea back then that it would someday come in handy when I was a Realtor.

Seems like I am doing more and more in Clark County – Winchester Ky.  A lot of it is rural too.  I like working there.  The people are nice and there are a lot of pretty neighborhoods and rural areas.  I may end up back there one day.  I’ve moved twice since coming back to Lexington.  Each time has me closer and closer to Winchester.  I’m practically on the edge of Lexington right now, so one more move should have me somewhere between the two towns.

My favorite funny memory of living in Winchester was when I decided to test how nice the people were.  I had noticed that everybody there assumes it is your turn at a 4 way stop, which was not the case in Lexington.  One day I decided to see how long somebody would wait at a 4 way stop for me to go.  I’m across the intersection from this guy.  He waves for me to go.  I do nothing.  He waits.  He waves again, signaling it is my turn to go.  This time I wave back at him to go.  Then he waves at me to go.  I wait.  He doesn’t go.  He waves at me to go.  I wave back.  He does nothing.  I get bored with all of this any finally just go!

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