Chinoe Road-Most Beautiful Street in Town


Having done most of my growing up in Ashland and Frankfort, I always thought of Lexington as “The Big City.”

We would come to Lexington to visit my aunt and uncle in the 70’s.  Then in the early 80’s we would come here to see movies at the Kentucky Theatre, eat at Alfalfa’s or Max & Erma’s, shop at Dawahare’s or J&H Army Navy Store.  Lexington has just always felt like a special place to me.  I always had my eyes wide open checking out the sites, planning on where I would want to live if I ever had a chance to move here.

That happened in 1985.  My dad was out of law school and got a job here.  We ended up in Kenwick LONG before Kenwick was a cool place to be.  I was a sophomore at Henry Clay.  I only had one friend here, a kid named Daniel whose parents were friends with my parents.  I was 15.  Too young to drive but eager to explore Lexington.  I decided to ride my bike over to Daniel’s apartment on Lakeshore Drive.  We rode all over the Ashland Park and Chevy Chase area.

I remember being totally in awe of how pretty Chinoe Road was.  I don’t think I had ever been on it before.  It was a warm and sunny September day.  Late afternoon.  It didn’t feel hot since we were under the  cover of all the big trees.

To this day, nearly 30 years later, I still think that first section of Chinoe Road between Richmond Road and Fontaine is one of the prettiest streets in all of Lexington.   All of the houses look as good as the one in the picture above.  If I were a artist, I would paint a picture of that street with all the big beautiful houses, big trees and lush landscaping…..but as I discovered in a water coloring class I had my senior year, I am not.

Sometimes, if I am not too busy trying to get where I am going, I’ll drive down that road and I feel like I am 15 years old again and seeing it for the very first time.

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