Picked my listing to buy sight-unseen…..WHY?

I’ve always told people the goal of a listing’s pictures and marketing remarks was to sell a showing, not to sell a house.  LOL, looks like I have been a little wrong because I just had one of my listings sell to a buyer who has NEVER SEEN THE HOUSE.

The buyer is from out of town and only based his purchase decision on pictures and marketing remarks.  I had plenty of professional pictures.  Besides putting comments with each picture, this is what I said about the house:

” Ok, so I’m with the photographer getting pictures for this house, and you know what I’m thinking about? I’m thinking about how easy it would be to live here. This one isn’t just about good looks & move in ready condition. I can really see you living here & appreciating the seldom seen features that you would grow to appreciate more & more. Like what? Look at the kitchen. Count the cabinets. Not only a lot of them, but you’ve got drawers for big pots & sheet pans. Eating? Options are the island, the breakfast area or the dining room that offers a panoramic view of the whole first floor. Big Laundry room. HUGE bedroom upstairs that could really be used for anything….even an upstairs Family Room. The wide tiled hall between the garage & kitchen would be a great spot for cubbies. The driveway is flat & there are no houses behind you. You’re all the way back at the end of a Cul-de-sac. Listen. Silence because you back to a farm, but, you’re 5 minutes away from the by-pass.

This house had been listed with another agent right before I got it.  It is a very nice place, but like I usually do, I asked the sellers to make a few adjustments.  We rearranged some furniture, cleared out a few things.  The bathroom had stained wood cabinets and matching panels around the garden tub.  The edges of the wood were a bit worn.  Not bad…..unless you are trying to sell your house in a market where buyers think a house has to be perfect.  Simple solution was to paint them white.  What a huge difference it made.  I think I told them to paint the bathroom a beachy blue color too, unless I am starting to confuse my listings!  Any way, the bathroom and the whole house looked amazing once the seller got all the work done.  (I think my next blog post might be about how the seller has as much to do with the success of selling their house as anything else.  Even in the terrible market of the past, I could sell any house if the seller would take my advice on price and presentation.)

I am sure this buyer studied every house that looked interesting to him.  I can’t help but think that the extra effort I spent to present the house and explain its unique features made it easier for him to make a decision.  Don’t you feel sorry for the sellers whose houses were poorly presented?  They might have been perfectly nice houses, but to a guy who was going to buy without seeing it, they didn’t stand a chance.

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