Time is the enemy of Location

Location sure is a funny thing.

I showed a property in Gardenside this week.  It was on the street behind the shopping center on Alexandria Drive.  I was thinking, that when the house was new, it was probably a great bonus to be so close to one of the premier shopping centers in Lexington.  That was in the 50’s and 60’s.  Now, being so close to that shopping center is more of a negative than a positive.  It use to have businesses like Dawahare’s Department Store and Lexitalia Restaurant.  Now it has a strip club.

My family moved to Kenwick in the mid 80s.  There was a super neat house on North Hanover that we loved.  We didn’t buy it because it was just a few houses down from all the scuzzy commercial sites on National Avenue……which is now a trendy spot with cool restaurants and businesses.

Part of the whole “Location Location Location” mantra is what desirable commercial areas are close.  Schools are another big one too, but that is another post.  Can you imagine what would happen to Townley Park if that shopping center in the middle of it was half vacant, and the rest were the same businesses you see in every failing shopping center?  Nobody would want to live there.  On the flip side, look at the NoLi District on the north end of downtown.  Al’s Bar gets discovered by hipsters, then we get a lot of other cool businesses like North Lime Coffee & Donut and suddenly what use to be a scary part of town is now desirable.  I just sold a house on Rand Avenue.  Just a few years ago NOBDODY wanted to live on Rand Avenue.

It is kind of sad to see some locations lose their luster, but seeing other parts of town be transformed makes up for it.

Location is never static.  Time usually makes it better or worse.

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