LEXpert Neighborhood Review: Meadowthorpe

A friend of mine lives in a neighborhood she thought I should review.  When this neighborhood was new, it was waaaaay out on the west end of town.  The elementary school was the old Linlee Elementary on Georgetown Road.  Eventually this neighborhood got it’s own elementary school within the neighborhood.

You’re probably thinking I am talking about Masterson Station, huh?

Close.  It also starts with an M, but I am talking about Meadowthorpe.

Both neighborhoods have a lot of similarities.  Both were way the heck out on the west end of town when new.  Both are off of Leestown Road.  Both went to Linlee before having new elementary schools built within the neighborhood.  Both adjoin a park, although the one at Masterson Station is much bigger.

One of the biggest complaints I hear people say about Masterson and most newer neighborhoods is that they are too “Cookie Cutter.”  I was trying to find some old pictures of Meadowthorpe online.  No luck.  I have seen old pictures at the McDonald’s on Leestown Road.  Meadowthorpe looked just as bare and generic as any new neighborhood.  I am not bashing it here.  I just want to point out that about the only big difference between Meadowthope in 1949 and Meadowthorpe 2017 are the trees.  Landscaping is what gives the ambiance that turns a row of similar houses into a pretty street with character.  Imagine Chevy Chase without trees?  In 1949, I bet the first residents could not imagine what their neighborhood looks like today.   The same will happen to Masterson as the trees create a canopy.

Here is Meadowthorpe when New Circle Road was under construction.  This same shot today would be nothing but trees.  You wouldn’t see any houses.


Meadowthorpe has an interesting history.  There was an old mansion where Pelican Lane is now.  It would have been about where you see the tall trees in the upper right hand corner of the above picture.  I think I remember seeing it when I was a kid.  It is long gone now and there are about 15 or so newer houses there.

There used to be an airport too.  Here is a link to see the whole history of the neighborhood.  It is pretty interesting!


So, back to today.  One of the things my friend likes most about the neighborhood is the strong sense of community.  It is a really friendly place to live.  There are a lot of people who have lived in the neighborhood for a long time as well as new people moving in.  She is close to downtown and the Pepper Distillery district.  It is also easy to get around town since you have that New Circle Road exit you just saw being built in the picture.

Most of the houses are ranches and cape cods from the late late 40s to the 50s.  Those newer ones on Pelican were built after 2000.  Most that I have seen have basements.  Prices seem to be from about $150k to close to $300k.  Most are in the $180-225k range.

Here is what to expect in this neighborhood.


I am really glad my friend likes her neighborhood so much because I was the one that suggested it to her when she bought it in 2007.


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