My dream place to live when I was 12


I rarely go through campus any more, but I found myself stopped at a red light on the corner of Woodland and Euclid this week.  While I was there, I decided to look around rather than checking my phone since I had just done that at the last light.

I found myself staring at this apartment complex.  Back in the early 80s, I was sure I was going to go to UK and live in one of these super cool apartments.  It would be great.  All my friends would come over.  We would do all the things a 12 year old kid thinks college is all about.  It would be Porky’s or Fast Times at Ridgemont High 2.0.  (Google that if you’re younger than 35.)

As a grown up, it made me realize that living there now would be torture.  No way I would want to be on a busy corner with all those students around me.  As the light changed to green, I thought there has to be a blog post in there somewhere.

I kept thinking about the potential post.  As I was waiting to turn left onto Walton Avenue, it dawned on me.  The post should be about how you should always look a little into your future when making real estate decisions.

When I was 18, these 1 bedroom 1 bath apartments would have met every need I had at the time.

When I got married and needed more space than these one car garage sized apartments had, a 2 bedroom apartment met all my needs.

When kids came, I needed a house with a yard.

When we outgrew that, we needed more space and storage.

Now that I am close to being an empty nester, I realize I have too much house.  But I am not moving.  Why?  I am looking ahead.  I’ve had empty nester clients buy a much smaller house than they use to have, only to discover that once grandkids came along, their little ranch was too small.  Their grown children who lived out of town would come visit for a holiday and there was no room for everybody.

Always look ahead to the next phase of life to make sure whatever house you pick will work……unless you want to keep buying and selling for each stage of life.  Which is really okay with me since that is how I make a living.




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