911-What is your real estate emergency?

Like Tom Petty said…..The waiting is the hardest part.

That is what I am doing today.  So is my buyer.

We finally found the perfect house for her late last night.  It is everything I want for her and she is in love with it.  She is doing an FHA loan, so I have to be more mindful of things like peeling paint, painted shut windows, loose handrails and all.  This house had none of those issues since the roof, windows and HVAC have all recently been replaced.  It really is everything I could hope to have found for her.

The house had just come on the market.  In fact, there was another agent standing at the front door the whole time waiting to show it.

Sometimes being a realtor in a hot market is like responding to a 911 call.

I had been out all day.  I had just come from showing another client a house.  I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch and it was now close to 8:PM.  That’s a long time for a fat guy.

I rushed to my office (okay, the room over my garage) and fired up the computer.  Ran the comps.  Sent them to the buyer.  Suggested an offer strategy.

Ran downstairs and shoveled down some of the City BBQ my wife had brought home for dinner.  Back up stairs.  Buyers says to pull the trigger.  Tell the listing agent an offer is on it’s way.  Write the offer.  Buyer signs the offer.  Tell the listing agent offer has been sent.

Then I tell the buyer the offer has been sent and I will let her know when I get a response.  Since she is a first time buyer, I detailed what the rest of the process should look like.  I told her it is customary for clients to name a son after me since most people are so thankful for getting a chance to work with me.  I forgot to tell her that if she ever has a girl, LEXperta would be okay too.

Then I ran back downstairs.  Made a cup of decaf.  Watched Designated Survivor with my wife and went to bed.

We should know today about 5ish if we got the house.

My fingers are crossed for my buyer.  She is a super nice person and I have enjoyed working with her and her boyfriend, and I am thankful for the mutual friend that sent her my way!

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